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New Texas Fight and Eyes of Texas mp3s!
Note: These audio clips are free to download, but data transfer rates from your provider may apply.
Download Texas Fight (470K)
Download The Eyes of Texas (short) (359K)
Download The Eyes of Texas (full) (588K)

New Texas Fight MIDI
Download Texas Fight now (with many thanks to sessamoid from Hornfans!)

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If you don't know whether you meet the requirements, contact your cellular company, or look it up online. If you know for sure that you do meet the requirements, and still can't get the ringtone, let me know and I will try to help you. Newer phones should download the mp3 or midi versions above. mobile17 can help you transfer those versions if you do not have a cable or other transfer tool.

Please note: It make take a few minutes for the ringtone to be received by your phone, especially in the case of the longer tones. If it hasn't arrived in 5-10 minutes, feel free to try again.

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 Service Provider: Cingular

 Ringtone:         Eyes Of Texas (short, through "...all the live long day")
                   Eyes of Texas (full version, faster tempo.  Thanks to "Squirrel" Fuller)See Composer Format (for manual entry)
                   Texas Fight (short, through "...put over one more win")
                   Texas Fight (extended version) See Composer Format (for manual entry)

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Many thanks to for the hosting and Matt S. for transcribing Texas Fight.